Chakra Balancing

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Affects of an imbalanced Throat Chakra:

  • Communication Issues. 
  • Speach Problems. 
  • Hearing Problems. 
  • Expression Difficulties. 
  • Talking too much or inappropriately. 
  • Difficulty speaking/talking. 

The Throat Chakra

Color: Blue

Body Parts: Throat and Neck

Keywords: Communication and Spiritual Communication. Verbal Communication. Psychic Hearing. Creativity. Self Expression. Connection. Clarity. Hearing and talking.

Positioned in the throat, this center of communication connects with hearing and speech. Activating it inspires you to speak and listen in the spirit of truth. It also promotes spiritual communication and improves psychic hearing ability also know as clairaudience. The Throat Chakra appears at the base of the throat and is sky blue in color. This chakra controls the throat and neck. The throat chakra governs the sense of hearing. And is related to communication, creativity and all aspects of imagination. A well-balanced throat chakra allows you to easily converse and listen to others.

Affects of an imbalanced Throat Chakra:

Communication Issues. Speach Problems. Hearing Problems. Expression Difficulties. Talking too much or inappropriately. Difficulty speaking/talking.

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