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The Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow

Body Part: Stomach

Keywords: Personal Power, Confidence, Leadership, Action, Will Power,

Self Control, Determination, Accomplishment, Ambition, Disipline. 

Based in the stomach, This chakra represents vitality and will. Opening it puts you in touch with your personal power, and transforms your hopes and aspirations into real possibilities. The Solar plexus chakra is positioned above the abdomen but under the rib cage. It is yellow in color. If the chakra is too wide open, then there is a tendency to always want to be in charge of others or to try and overshadow people and be overtly authoritarian.

The Affects of a blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

Career Problems. Financial Difficulty. Lack of Courage. Lack of Confidence Weakness. Lack of Inner Strength. Lack of Determination

Negative Self Image. Poor Focus and Discipline. Stress. Anxiety
Depression. Loneliness. Fearfulness. Procrastination. Laziness
Inability to take action.

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