Chakra Balancing

Balance The Mind Body & Spirit

Color: Red

Body Part: Base of the spine

Keywords: Goundedness, Protection, Security, Prosperity, Confidence, Liveliness, Foundation, Survival, Natural Instincts, Vitality, Safety, Stability.

This Chakra is the base and foundation of the seven Chakras. This chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is always open, linking you to the earth and sheer physical survival. Energizing it grounds you in a healthy desire for the basis of life-food, warmth, and shelter. This Chakra connects us with the earth and nature and is associated with our sense of liveliness, groundedness, confidence, protection, continued existence and our capability to live in our bodies.

Affects of an imbalanced Third Eye Chakra

Lack of security. Resistance to change. Materialism. Greediness
Workaholism. Excessive Worrying. Stress and Anxiety. Restlessness
Financial Instability. Career Related Issues. Uneasiness. Fearfulness
Lack of Confidence. Hopelessness Lack Of Balance and Groundedness.

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